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Branches in Metro and Rural Victoria covering 17 of 21 Police Service Areas (PSAs).


We are here not for income, but for great outcomes.

Our programs focus on crime prevention, specifically on identifying and addressing the needs of youth at “risk” of falling into criminal activities due to adversities outside of their control. We provide education, help with crime reduction, life skills coaching, and host cultural, social and sporting programs for youth aged between 5 and 18 years. Our initiatives involve everyone including youth at risk, indigenous, migrant and victims of crime.

Each of these events considers the local community’s needs. Each Blue Light branch runs as an independent incorporation and is made up of Victoria Police members and local community members. By bringing in local heroes and keeping our entity localised, we are promoting a cause that is committed to our youth in each vicinity in the long term. As part of our education initiative, we align our programs with the recommendations from Victoria Police Youth Strategy to address local youth demands and issues.

Growing up is a challenge, and the transition to adulthood could be exciting yet confusing. For many young people, family and environmental adversities could add another layer of complexities. Blue Light Victoria provides positive opportunities for youth to engage with each other, with the Police and their community.

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The Victorian Blue Light Youth Camp in Maldon, 136km northwest of Melbourne, is set close to the heart of the Maldon Township. Hailing back to 1987, it is a $1.8 million purpose-built to replicate the style of the original Derby Hill Gold Mine on-site. In 1990, the Victorian Government sold the property to Blue Light Victoria to develop into a school camp.

The camp specialises in bicycle safety and programs aimed at young people identified as being at risk of becoming a victim or perpetrator of a crime. Traditionally, Blue Light Victoria has close links with Victoria Police to create a fantastic environment for youth and the Police to build positive interaction in a fun and relaxed situation. The camp offers a unique opportunity for children to undertake our Bicycle Safety Program while enjoying the history and adventure that the camp and the town offers.

Blue Light Camp