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Blue Light Victoria (including Bendigo Blue Light) provide programs designed to engage young people. They include Blue Light discos, the Blue Light Camp, the Blue EDGE program and other activities that target specific risk factors. While each activity has its individual aims, objectives and desired outcomes, all of them aim to engage young people with their local police and their community.
Located in the City of Greater Bendigo, Bendigo Blue Light runs a variety of events and programs for young people. Events are supervised by local police.
Events include the boxing program, skate events, Brewlight and other community events.
Our major partner is the Hit Factory Boxing Club located in Golden Square.


Blue Light Boxing is now running Monday to Thursday 4.30pm and Saturday 9.00am .
The power of sport lies in how it inspires and motivates individuals to change their whole approach to life. Sport makes real, far-reaching and long-term change for individuals and society possible. (Laureus, Sport Scores)
This program and the associated activities that will be undertaken throughout the program will focus on strengthening and building protective factors such as:

Bendigo Blue Light Boxing
Bendigo Blue Light Boxing
  • good reasoning and problem-solving skills
  • positive attitudes values and beliefs
  • conflict resolution skills
  • good mental, physical, spiritual and emotional health
  • positive self esteem
  • strong cultural identity
  • strong interpersonal connections
  • social competence and good social skills
  • Internal locus of control
  • Norms around violence
  • Pro-social peer group
  • Participation in social activities or sport

Contact us and come and try at no cost, learn all the skills and correct techniques, improve your fitness and learn self defense.
Blue Light Bendigo may be able to offer sponsorship to cover your ongoing membership.

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