Bendigo Blue Light Boxing

The Blue Light Boxing program, a twice weekly congregation of youngsters in the region at the Hit Factory, is run in conjunction with Victoria Police to offer an informal yet safe setting for interaction.

Many of these children encounter boredom outside of school hours, with little to invest their time on or social support to make their days productive outside of those periods.

This programme helps to put purpose back into their lives. Boxing has been long known to instil discipline, self-belief, and a sense of belonging. Beyond being an excellent environment for building relationships amongst young people, it provides valuable mentoring and fitness education.

The drills and strength conditioning from the technique work guide participants to take an interest in the sport. Overall, many join even without any intention to compete at all. A significant part of the programme led by trained fitness instructors helps to boost self-confidence through a variety of mentally challenging routines, with training to focus and concentrate. Blue Light Boxing believes that the sense of well-being and solidarity give such a vital difference to many of the young people something to look forward to beyond their daily routine.

Having volunteers from the Victoria Police also helps to alleviate a few of the problems of misconceptions regarding trust and association with the law. The structure of the programme aids skill development in handling situations that typically most youth would have resorted to fear or violence. Awareness building through Developmental Crime Initiatives support the young children to learn about protective factors that are demonstrated through research to act as a buffer against risk in adverse circumstances.

Overall, it is a successful engagement programme to create the next generation of confident, mature and empowered youth. If you are looking for a cause to support, then this is one that needs your help.