New Zealand Blue Light originally developed the BLAST (Blue Light Alternative Strategy for Teenagers) program. Blue Light Victoria has adopted and expanded the program to be run individually at the Victorian Blue Light Youth Camp in Maldon. The program is flexible in that it can be easily adapted and planned to address specific issues that young people are facing. The primary program is a two night/ three day camp for small groups of up to 20 young people of both genders.

All camps are run with high police involvement to encourage positive relationships between youth and police and form a part of ongoing support and engagement.


• Build trust levels with others
• Learn strategies for problem-solving
• Increase self-confidence
• Set goals for the future
• Experience being trustworthy
• Learn about teamwork
• Learn about the importance of asking for support when required
• Experience being successful in overcoming challenges
• Have the opportunity to think of mistakes as learning situations
• Learn the importance of breaking skill acquisition into small chunks

Many of these youth could benefit greatly from the initiative, yet to continue expanding these programme’s initiatives, we need public support. Kindly feel free to contribute your part to our objective to raise awareness and empowerment for our Victorian youth.

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