The Blue Light Disco

Every child loves being able to express their personalities freely through form and music. Across all cultures and backgrounds, art, music and community have come together to unite differences. The Blue Light Disco first began in Victoria in 1976. Today, it is still an important part of our programmes’ lineage.

Blue Light Disco is an Australian icon as well as an inherent part of our youth culture developing positive Police-Youth relationships. Many times, misunderstandings between these two groups stem from a lack of communication and knowledge. These events are a chance for young people and Police to interact in a relaxed, fun and safely supervised environment. Often, a child needs a small window of opportunity to form positive opinions of our Police, hence making better life choices in the future.

There are plenty of young people whose families recognise the benefits of our programme but cannot afford the $7 per child to attend the event. Sadly, they are the ones that will benefit the most from the programme’s ongoing benefits.

Our Police and fully trained volunteers contribute many hours to help us run these events. Your donation will enable a child to attend a Blue Light Disco event free of charge. It goes beyond the fun, interaction and music. It is about giving a child or a group of disadvantaged children the chance to have a great time!

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