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The Victorian Blue Light Youth Camp together with Blue Light Victoria would like to run school holiday leadership camps (BLAST) for vulnerable young people. These camps will combine fun, leadership, confidence and resilience building and teamwork activities to increase the protective factors in a young persons life.

Your donation will enable a young person to attend the camp free of charge, giving them the chance to be the best that they can be.

What is it?

Blue Light Alternative Strategies for Teenagers (BLAST) is a program, which has been successfully delivered by Blue Light across community groups in Victoria for a number of years. It is a model that offers a range of activities and processes for both individual and group work situations.

The BLAST program provides an opportunity for young people to be connected with local services and community support. Through participation in the program, they will form a team, fostering a sense of belonging and support, where they will participate and actively engage in activities to learn skills that will assist their capacity to succeed in life.

BLAST activities are designed to empower participants and provide them with strategies to enhance their social connectedness, improve their self -esteem, confidence, problem-solving skills and sense of belonging in their community.

The BLAST Camp is run over a three-day period, covering a 2 night, 3 day program.

Research has shown that young people who feel valued, who are provided with opportunities to participate and have the skills and capacity to participate and feel connected to family, friends and their community – are less likely to experience disengagement. Young people who feel engaged and who are provided with opportunities to participate, experience a better quality of life and contribute to creating and building better communities. When young people are alienated or disengaged they are at greater risk of poor health, mental health difficulties and social problems. (Australian Research Alliance for Children & Youth, Aug 2008). All of these increase the chances of the young person entering into the justice system.

This program aims to increase youth engagement in their community by building wider support networks for the young person and providing a sense of purpose.

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