Joining the Dots – Anger Management

The art of self-defence portrays a sense of strength, well-being, and confidence. Many of these benefits stem from the basic foundation of emotional awareness in our mental state.

Connecting the physical with the mental is the basis of the TriTactics Programme.

Blue Light Victoria has engaged with TriTactics, a brainchild of Pete Keogh and his team. With nearly 30 years in martial arts and running various programmes throughout Australia, Pete brings with him a broad spectrum of industrial awareness coaching experience. He has worked at all levels delivering and sharing his knowledge with corporates, individuals, families, schools, clubs, community groups and support organisations.

He has meticulously developed and offered martial arts, self-defence and anger management programmes in the education sector, not-for-profit organisations, community groups and the health sector. Pete’s vision is to help raise better teaching and awareness through positive programmes for “at risk” youth groups, survivors of abuse, personal safety for our communities and health workers. He wants to help our communities to manage aggressive behaviour better and improve self-confidence. Some of the programmes he has developed include ones for school students to improve their fitness through an increase in self-awareness and personal safety skills.

We love to have your support to expand the TriTactics Programme across Victoria. Your donation will help to drive a 6-week programme to deliver those very positive impact on our most promising yet vulnerable groups. Each of these programmes is run professionally by TriTactics and volunteers from Victoria Police.

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