Toolangi Adventure Soccer Camp (TASC)

The Toolangi Adventure Soccer Camp (TASC) is a four day school holiday camp that brings together a small group of Afro-Australian young men from inner city high-rise housing estates together with non-housing estate kids so that all participants can engage with people from different lifestyles. Run four times a year, TASC provides an experience that opens their eyes to the enjoyment of the Australian bush, leadership, fun and soccer.

The camp has an emphasis on getting the young men to become aware with what’s going on in their world and to provide a catalyst that encourages positive contributions back to the community. Enhancing the participant’s skills and development in soccer is a key component of the camp. TASC’s objective is to facilitate self-empowerment and personal development; soccer and other activities are the vehicles for this delivery.

These young men are at risk through no fault of their own. The camp takes them out of their everyday life and gets them to face new challenges and experiences in the form of certified coaching courses, leadership training, and outdoor activities. These activities all foster an environment for growth, self-realisation, and fun.  Overall TASC instills a sense of empowerment in these young men.

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