Walk Beside Me

“Walk Beside Me” is a Community Mentoring program designed to promote an active and engaged community and to be responsive to the diversity and changing nature of communities.

Blue Light Victoria and Big Brother Big Sister are excited to have received funding for a Mentoring Program for the South Sudanese Community of the City of Yarra. It has been identified that the young people in this community face post-settlement challenges and would benefit from such support.

‘WALK BESIDE ME’ has been designed to offer the community the opportunity to play an active role in the development of the Group Mentoring Program for their young people.

Meetings with enthusiastic community members are underway and a Community forum took place in November. The forum brought together the community to start the discussions and begin to shape what the program will look like.  The community will decide which young people will participate and which members of the community would make good mentors. Those who wish to be involved but who are unable to be Mentors, have the opportunity to be part of the Steering Committee.

Selected Mentors will undergo Mentor development run by Big Brothers Big Sisters as well as additional training and capacity building throughout the program, gaining valuable experience and knowledge for their future career prospects.

Being community directed from the initial planning stages, it is our hope that, post the 12 month pilot, the program will continue on as a successful community led program.

Blue Light Victoria would like to take this opportunity to thank the Commonwealth Attorney Generals Department for believing in the concept of our program.

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