Geelong Blue Light

Geelong Blue Light

Geelong Blue Light
Geelong Blue Light 2019

The Geelong Blue Light Disco has been operating in Geelong since February 1982 and started doing Primary School Discos in 2002.

The Disco Dance Parties are organised by the Geelong Police Blue Light Disco committee for Primary Schools – for the first time this year overseen by the Geelong Police Youth Unit who now have guardianship of the Blue Light Portfolio. They are an annual event held every year in late November. In 2019 they were conducted each day from Monday through to Friday (11.20am to 2.00pm) at the Geelong West Town Hall. Through liaison with the schools and teachers, Grade 5/6 students from 73 Primary Schools in the region were invited to attend as part of their school end of year/excursion activities.

The event was run over 5 days this year where 3,272 students from 46 schools attended along with over 200 teachers/staff members. This was the highest number of attendees since the Primary School disco program was introduced and included 4 new schools. Numbers of attending students from schools varied from as low as 12 students from a smaller school to 180 from one of the larger schools.

  • Over 52,500 students have attended these annual Geelong Police Primary School discos over the past 17 years.
  • Over 188,000 youth have attended a Geelong Police Blue Light Disco (any type) since 1992.
  • Blue Light Discos have been organised and run for the youth of Geelong since 1982. It is conservatively estimated that well over 200,000 youth have attended Geelong events in the 37 years since its inception. Youth who attended the earlier dated discos would now be aged in their 50s!

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