Blue Light teams with Victoria Police and Melbourne Victory

THE organisation behind Victoria’s iconic Blue Light underage discos is expanding from the dance floor to the soccer pitch.

The 42-year-old not-for-profit has teamed with Victoria Police and Melbourne Victory to deliver a sports program for at-risk children to be based at a new $20 million soccer academy in Maribyrnong.

It’s part of a wider resurgence of Blue Light which includes new programs to stop young offender’s behaviour becoming entrenched.

Blue Light president Acting Commander Deb Robertson told the Herald Sun: “The discos are the foundation of Blue Light and always will be. They really have built a wonderful platform to be able to launch into other engagement programs for kids.’’

“They want someone to care — they want someone to invest in their lives,’’ Acting Commander Robertson said.

“Sometimes going to these programs is the first time that they’ve had that care and the commitment that you’re going to be there again next week or the week after.

“I don’t think we understand as police officers how much we impact their lives.”

Blue Light — which will have a new office at the academy — will work with police, Melbourne Victory and local schools to identify children who would benefit from the soccer program.

June 5, 2018

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