Respect the Badge

Respect the Badge
Respect the Badge

Blue Light Victoria and Victoria Police are proud to present the Respect the Badge Award to Primary School communities across metropolitan and rural Victoria. The monthly award aims to acknowledge and promote positive values and behaviours in our young people.

The Value proposition that lies beneath ‘respect the badge and respect the people behind the badge’ is one of institutional care and respect, including self-respect. As members of our community we all wear badges, whether it is associated with our work, school, sport or socially and it is taking pride and respecting the badge that we and others wear. It strengthens our communities.

Primary Schools across Victoria have the opportunity to participate in the Award program.

Once a school is accepted, each month teachers will nominate two students, one from junior grades and one from the senior grades to receive the award based on a set of criteria.

Once nominations are submitted a date and time will be organised for a Police Member to visit the school and present the Medal to the recipients (preferably at school assembly with parents in attendance)

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