Jo Parissis

Jo Parissis

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Jo has been in the police force for 22 years. She has worked both as a Schools Resource Officer and a YRO. In 2004 she started helping out at the Mill Park Blue Light Disco. In 2010 she moved over to the Darebin (Preston) Blue Light disco and eventually became president of the branch at the start of 2012. Joining State Council in 2012 Jo has seen some huge changes with Blue Light. She is passionate about Blue Light and hopes that it continues to grow and enhance the lives of local young people.


What Our Donors Over the World Are Saying

My children are 6 and 8 and love love going to Kinglake Ranges blue light discos !!  I think they are a great event and feel my children are safe and well looked after with all the volunteers help!

Great place for the children to catch up in a safe environment. Also gives them a little independence.

Lorraine Franklin

Gets kids off the street in a country town that has very little for them to do without travelling distances

Brett Lewis

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