Leanne Bright

Leanne Bright

Vice President
Brief info

Senior Constable Leanne Bright is an experienced youth resource officer currently working in the City of Yarra. Appointed to the committee in 2012, Leanne is a past president of the Victoria Blue Light State Council and the current Vice President of Yarra Blue Light. Leanne brings with her a wealth of knowledge in regard to engagement with youth and holds an Associate Diploma in Childcare. (0-17 years) She has also been instrumental in obtaining federal and state funding for a number of Blue Light programs including the Walk Beside Me Community Mentoring Project.


What People Say About Us

I would just like to say thank you for welcoming Stef and I into your Preston Blue Light Disco.

It was an absolute pleasure, everyone was so welcoming which made it every night fun. This experience has helped me realise how children from various areas interact and have different social expectations for each other.  It made me more aware of the different/multiple  challenges every child/teen faces.

I have so much admiration for how you plan and organise the discos every month, so that everyone feels safe and has a great time.

I am so grateful for this opportunity.

My children are 6 and 8 and love love going to Kinglake Ranges blue light discos !!  I think they are a great event and feel my children are safe and well looked after with all the volunteers help!

Great place for the children to catch up in a safe environment. Also gives them a little independence.

Lorraine Franklin