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Luke Bryan

Luke Bryan comes from a family of 10 children. Some of his siblings also volunteer at the Preston Blue Light discos.

Luke started coming to the Blue Light when he was 8 years old and really loved it. When he got older he realised he was a bit too old to come so he now volunteers. He’s now 17 years old and is thriving as a volunteer. Luke decided last year to part take in the Duke of Edinburgh Program and volunteered his time at the local youth centre as well as the Blue Lights.

In July this year, Luke came along to our Blast camp in Maldon as one of the leaders. The camp participants were grades 5 and 6, and really looked up to Luke. He was a great mentor for the young camp participants, as he is at the Blue Light events. The camp was sponsored by McDonalds, and the local manager also attended. She along with other Blue Light volunteers and police members saw potential in Luke. The president of the Preston Blue Light was able to complete a reference for Luke and he was successful in applying and getting a job at his local McDonalds. Luke has been working there now for several months and is really enjoying it. When asked what Luke likes most about Blue Lights, he said “Getting to know people and helping out with everything. It has helped me out in a lot of ways and now I have got a job and I am loving it!” And that’s exactly what he does. The Blue Light events run like a well oiled machine with Luke’s help, and with the help of all of our volunteers that have been with us for so many years! Here’s to our volunteers, where would we be without them!?

I would like to say a big thanks to Jo for all she has done for me and my family when I ever need someone to talk to Jo is one of the people I can go and talk to. When she asked me if I would come on the camp I was surprised of all the other people she could of asked she asked and I would like to give Jo a big thank you so much Jo and I am glad to call you my friend and she is one of the best police officers there are”.- Luke Bryan

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