Child Safety at Blue Light

Blue Light is committed to promoting and protecting the interests and safety of children. We have zero tolerance for child abuse.
Everyone volunteering/working at Blue Light is responsible for the care and protection of children and reporting information about child abuse.
We are committed to Safeguarding Children and Young People.

Child Safety
Safeguarding Children and Young People is a Priority at Blue Light

Child Safe Standards

We all have an obligation to do the best we can to keep children safe from harm and abuse. Victorian organisations that provide services or facilities for children are required by law to implement Child Safe Standards to protect children from harm.
Children are defined in the standards as anyone under 18 years old. 

Why do we need Child Safe Standards?

All organisations working with children must take steps to prevent abuse. They cannot assume that child abuse does not, and cannot, happen within their organisation.

The standards are a result of recommendations of the Betrayal of Trust inquiry and evidence of what works to prevent child abuse.

In 2012 and 2013 the inquiry looked into the handling of child abuse by religious and non-government organisations. Its report highlighted poor and inconsistent practices for keeping children safe. It found some organisations’ cultures did not focus on children’s safety and many failed to report or act on child abuse allegations.

The 7 Standards

A Guide for Creating a Childsafe Organisation

Information sessions and webinars

Our Policies on Child Safety

Code of Conduct for Working with Children
Child Protection

Reporting Issues – Call 000 if a child is in immediate danger

Child Safe Reporting Process
Child Safe Incident Report

Other Resources

Guidelines For Communication When Working With Children
Guidelines For Physical Contact When Working With Children
Responding to and Reporting of Suspected Child Abuse
Empowerment and participation of children
Safety of children from culturally & linguistically diverse backgrounds


Child Protection Online Course