Diamond Creek Blue Light

Blue Light Victoria (including its branches) provide programs designed to engage young people. They include Blue Light discos, the Blue Light Camp, the Blue EDGE program and other activities that target specific risk factors. While each activity has its individual aims, objectives and desired outcomes, all of them aim to engage young people with their local police and their community.

Diamond Creek Blue Light Disco
Diamond Creek Blue Light Disco

Located in the Shire of Nillimbuk, Diamond Creek Blue Light runs discos for young people aged 8 to 13. Events are supervised by local police. Events are run at the Diamond Creek Community Centre and entry is only $8.

Blue Light Discos are an opportunity for local police members and community member to work collaboratively together to host a fun enjoyable experience for young people in a safe environment.

Through participation at a Blue Light Disco, young people are able to enjoy a social evening with friends, have the physical benefits of dance and movement, and enjoy a positive experience interacting with local police and volunteers. This increases their trust in authority and widens their support networks.

The Blue Light Discos offer an early intervention and prevention model. This offers a positive experience and furthers understanding of the role of police members in the community. Each event calls upon the hands of local volunteers to enhance community and partnerships, openness and understanding. Ongoing benefits include reduced crime within the neighbourhood through increased civic responsibility.

In addition to music, movement and socialising, local police members also facilitate a variety of games and team-building activities which invite further engagement and social relating.

Diamond Creek Blue Light Disco Dates

18th September, 2020
6th November, 2020
4th December, 2020

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