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What is Blue EDGE?

Blue EDGE is designed to Educate, Develop, Grow and Empower young people. It is an evidence- based program designed to increase engagement, resilience and wellbeing through activity-based learning. The program is tailored to 20 young people in Years 7 – 9, and focuses on key capabilities such as emotional regulation, confidence building, safe decision making, peer and community connections.

Delivered twice weekly, Blue EDGE includes three key components:

  1. 30 minutes of physical training fitness circuits and team building activities
  2. a shared meal
  3. workshop activities and discussion

Each group is made up of a mixture of young people identified as vulnerable, or at risk of disengaging and participants who display leadership qualities. The aim of this cross-section is to promote positive behaviours and attitudes, instilling a positive mind-set towards their future.


  • Years Level 7-9
  • 8-week program (15 sessions) delivered twice weekly before school
  • Each program will have a dedicated trained Facilitator and Police Lead at each session.
  • The program is to be delivered on school premises
  • Each session will include fitness, workshop activities and discussion and a shared meal
  • The program is an opt in program

Blue EDGE Program Objectives

  • Develop life skills such as effective communication, collaboration, problem solving and self-awareness
  • Improve connection to community, develop confidence and a greater sense of self worth
  • Provide an opportunity to try new things and discuss challenging topics in a supported environment
  • Engage with social and emotional themes identified as issues that young people in the local area are currently facing
  • Identify safe people who young people can seek support from within their community
  • Create an opportunity for proactive positive engagement between police and young people from the local area
  • Build discipline, commitment, and fitness through regular attendance of the program
  • Provide positive adult role models and relationships
  • Explore diverse perspectives on topics and issues affecting the local community
  • Provide a nutritious breakfast (which some students may not have otherwise)


What does the Blue EDGE Include?

The Blue EDGE Program is delivered by a Blue Light Victoria specialist facilitator alongside Victoria Police delivering fifteen 90-minute interactive group activities to 20 young people in Year 7 to 9, including:
• Fitness
• Mental health and wellbeing workshops
• Program materials
• Blue EDGE T-shirt
• Shared meal

The program has two further packages that can be added to the core program and include: 

  • Ultimate Fitness Package which includes a professional fitness trainer and a fitness tracker for each student;
  • Blue EDGE Team Day – full day excursion.

For more information, please contact Silke Nixon on 0484 818 548 during business hours or email

How does a school access Blue EDGE?

In recognition of the important role schools play in supporting the mental health and wellbeing of children and young people, the Department of Education has created the Schools Mental Health Fund.  All schools receive funding under this initiative for mental health programs.

Blue Light Victoria’s Blue EDGE program is included in the menu as a preferred provider should you choose our program.

For more information, please contact Silke Nixon on 0484 818 548 during business hours or email

How are participants selected?

Participating schools select students they feel would most benefit from the program.  Minimum student numbers are 15 with a maximum of 20 students per session.

Who are the presenters?

Each program has a trained Specialist Blue EDGE Facilitator who is responsible for overseeing the Blue EDGE sessions at their site. This includes time management, group management and delivering the workshop content. They deliver the sessions alongside Victoria Police.

How can my School or Organisation get involved?

For more information contact Silke Nixon, Community Partnerships Manager on
0484 818 548 or email

Is this program evaluated?

The Blue EDGE program has a thorough evaluation process. Participants complete a survey prior to, at the completion of and three months post program. These responses are key to making necessary improvements and advancements to the modules within the program. After each session the Facilitator completes an observation form, ensuring the Blue EDGE Program Office receives timely feedback on both achievements and incidents. There is also opportunity for key program partners (police, school staff and fitness trainers) to give insight and feedback during the program. At the completion of the program, all school staff involved, and the participant’s family members also complete a survey.

What schools are currently involved?
  • Belmont High School, Geelong
  • Weeroona College Bendigo, Bendigo
  • Castlemaine Secondary College, Castlemaine
  • Kurnai College, Churchill & Morwell
  • Cranbourne East Secondary College, Cranbourne East
  • Diamond Valley Secondary College, Diamond Valley
  • Kurunjang Secondary College, Kurunjang
  • Lowanna College, Morwell
  • Orbost Secondary College, Orbost
  • St Helena Secondary College, St Helena
  • Upper Yarra Secondary College, Yarra Junction
How do I keep up to date with the latest on Blue Light Victoria and Blue EDGE?


View the latest Blue EDGE Bulletins here:

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What People Are Saying

Blue EDGE is a great platform to engage with, and build relationships with the youth of your community. Observing the growth & development of the participants and the members involved was a highlight. I am extremely proud to have been part of the Blue EDGE project and the benefits to the community & the participants are significant

“I’ve learnt that they are just trying to help” YP Fitzroy

“A learning from Blue EDGE is that you have to be consistent to keep strong physically and
YP Fitzroy